HR & Payroll

Some Main Features of HR & payroll Software:

1.Employee Performance Evaluation Module
Employee Training Module.
2.Employee Termination and Pension Module.
3.Employee Recruitment Process Module.
4.Manage Employee Information Efficiently.
5.Employee Career detail, Personal Detail, Documents, Academic Information etc.
6.Define the Banking info, deductions, leave, tax, Provident fund etc.
7.Create individual or group Salary Structure and Allowances .
8.Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click.
9.Generate all the Reports related to Branch, Department, employee, attendance/leave, and payroll, Bonus etc.

The main issue is to develop a web-based solution for your HR Department by which both. Employee and also Administration can be benefited in so many ways. According to the  system we like to make the whole Payroll system more active with full of accuracy by saving time, money and also energy. An Employee can get all the information about Duty, pay policy, leave by just clicking the link. As Administration they can get the whole database where they can access all the data about the Employee.



1. Employees Profile

2. Customer Profile

3.Supplier Profile

4. Banking Information