Mobile Retail Shop POS

Consumer natural philosophy business is one of the foremost difficult sectors in retail. As new technologies are changing into commonplace at a high rate, electronics stores want to answer dynamical consumers wants and expeditiously manage inventory levels so as to avoid pile up stock, which may quickly become noncurrent. At the same time, we have to confirm a decent revenue, they have to additionally offer associate degree adequate choice of products at competitive costs with their customers want. Manager can take care of everything from creating invoice to official all document filling technique.

DDL POS software will be replace of a manager. Easy charge, tracking inventory, recording expenses, product details recording etc. It is now terribly straightforward to update all the report auto components location (POS) system available can contour your inventory management despite whether or not your client-centric or numerous and facilitate every customer connect with the components they have all reports that facilitate us to forecast the business by optimizing.


1.User Management

DDL POS has User Friendly Management system where you can make many users according to  business or purpose.

2.Contact Management

DDL POS system, Which can easily Manage and Store many group of contact list with client needs.

3.Purchase Management

DDL POS system, which has many features under a module. Purchase Management has strong multiple functions.

4.Selling Management

DDL POS System, which run a Large Selling Management with cloud database storage.

5.Stock Management

DDL POS has a very well organized stock management system where you can transfers stocks easily.


Multiple expenditures of Your  Retail Shop ,calculate automatically features wise by the DDL POS.

7.Payment Accounts

DDL POS gives you facilities of multiple features to run various Payment Accounts.

8.Report Management

DDL POS has exceptional Report features where you can see loss, profit, many tables to make your business more easier.