Petrol Pump


The DDL POS system is highly flexible system  for managing a petrol station and convenience store. The  DDL POS system interfaces with industry-standard peripherals including barcode readers, scales, cash drawers and customer displays. It supports touch screens, multi-level hot keys and interfaces with payments terminals and gateways. Data Digerati POS system also allows for petrol fuel pump control and status.

A Retail POS Developed Digital Fuel Stations​

DDL POS solutions are designed to fit your business needs. Ideal for convenience stores and service stations. With smart functions, this smart system has fast and easy-to-use solutions. DDL POS can be used by station staff but also be configured as a self-service check out.

The OPEN POS systems can be divided into two separate operating sections; The POS (Point of Sale Operations) and BOS (Back Office System). This system has all sales functions, payment methods, customer loyalty and discount features. Both retail and petrol pump sales transactions can be operated by the same Data Digerati Ltd POS.


Having comprehensive experience within the petroleum industry, Data Digerati Ltd is expert on fuel retail solutions. Our DDL team will help you find the best solution for your service station.

When alert monitoring is well-timed and carried out according to your needs, you can comfort and enjoy your work, without being afraid of unexpected operational failures. With flexible reports and sufficient inventory system you can serve your customers better, as you know what you have in stock! Our highly planed solutions are available on-premises and in the cloud.

Complete POS Solution for business

In addition to DDL POS, our customers are given a competitive advantage through automatization of our customizable systems and tools; such as self-service Point of Sale systems, Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT) for the petrol Pump and carwash machines, and remote management solutions for improving the distant management of the smart energy station. Our operations always coincide with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

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